BMW Motorcycle Owners Club (Gold Coast) Inc.



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Incorporation Number   IA09772

The club has a breakfast meeting at 8.30am, the first Sunday of every month at The Hinz Dam Cafe. All welcome.

BMW Motorcycle Owners Club
The BMW Motorcycle Owners Club (Gold Coast) Inc is an Incorporated organization, affiliated with BMW Clubs Australia, and was formed by keen BMW motorcycle owners with one common denominator - their enthusiasm for their BMW motorcycles. The Club is socially oriented which means that when you join your family and friends are automatically included in the club's social activities.


Ken Madsen's Easter Video

Great ride over Easter, bike now has character markings. I knew that crossing was slippery, but not that slippery. All is good, absolutely no injury or markings to me, the clothes spread any impact and I was very pleased with myself that I could get the bike up. At that stage it weighed over 300kg and I have always worried about what it would be like to fall and could I get the bike back up. The cow in the background didn’t seem to worried either. Went on to ride another 350km that day and a further 518km the next.

See his video HERE



You will find friends at the Club, who, like you, want to know more about their BMW Motorcycle. Come along and ask questions. That way we all learn more.
Your input could also improve the ride planning aspects of the Club.





Our members enjoy outings such as:

  • Day and night runs
  • Breakfast runs
  • Camping trips
  • Dirt adventure trips
  • Weekend rides to country pubs
  • The president's dinner

While some of our members are mechanically minded, some are not; therefore there is assistance available to those who require it....


This is the new BMW F 800 ST.

If you have a love of motorcycling and would like to come along on any of our club runs, social gatherings, or monthly club meetings, you would be most welcome.

Ownership of a BMW motorcycle is not compulsory except for voting rights.....

Shed Ender